Activated Carbon

Acorn Water are agents for a major international manufacturer of activated carbon. If you wish to send us a query on our range of carbon please click here or alternatively call our commercial sales 00353 88 23 43466 (International). The Company's range of Activated carbons are generally used in water and liquid applications for:

  • Municipal drinking water treatment (taste, odour and micropollutant removal e.g. pesticides),
  • Domestic water treatment (in-line and cartridge filters), process water (dechlorination and deozonation), ground water.
  • Waste water treatment - tertiary treatment (trace organics and COD removal, deodourisation and decolourisation, powdered as bio-floc improvement in an aerobic or anaerobic biological waste water treatment plant, as an additive for physical- chemical treatments),
  • Raw-material-purification (purification of oils and fats, alcoholic and softdrinks, dyestuffs, decolourisation of sugar and glucose, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals) and as a catalyst.
_editor_Granular_Activated_Carbon.jpgPotable water carbons:
Many specialty carbons have been developed specifically as filter media for the POU/POE industry. For example, grades of activated carbon for the removal of taste and odour, chlorine, chloramines, THMs, and other contaminants. Silver impregnated carbons are also available for the control of bacteria growth within the filter.
Purification with carbon is a centuries-old technique, which in recent decades has become much more effective and economical through advanced production processes and chemical technology. Today, millions of tons of activated carbons are sold annually for uses ranging from air and water filtration to recovery of precious metals and industrial solvents.

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