Consultancy services

Waste Water Treatment

Acorn Water provides consultancy services for operators of treatment plants. Our expertise will allow you to optimise the running of your water treatment plant- reducing costs, including chemical usage. Acorn Water can perform on site coagulation and flocculation tests at plants to maximise the treated water quality and minimise input costs. Compliance with license and license limits is our goal.Acorn Water can provide consultant with over 20 years experience in particulate filtration, and membrane separation technology in areas of wastewater management:

  • Pollution prevention
  • Treatment of industrial wastewaters and hazardous wastes
  • Waste minimization
  • Waste surveys and audits (involving sampling and chemical analysis protocols)
  • Industrial water management and treatment
  • Control systems for treatment plants
  • Operator training programs
  • Troubleshooting of existing treatment plants
Acorn Water are consultants to clients in the electronics, semiconductor, disk drive, metal plating and finishing, chemical, oil, mining, textile, pulp and paper, laundry, ceramics and paints, pesticide, food and beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

Water Treatment

Acorn Water provides consultancy services to the water treatment industry, whereby site visits to your plant can be carried out to establish the correct coagulant and flocculants is best suited to your application. Advice on coagulation time, is also provided- all based on on-site testing. Acorn Water advises on how best to optimize your plant performance, and can train your operatives if required.

Independent water treatment consulting nationwide for any application, including:

  • proposal analysis
  • cost analysis
  • solution development
  • lab analysis (on-site/off site)
  • equipment failure analysis
  • chemical program setup