Legionella Control

Legionella Control Programmes 

To meet new laws coming into force across the EU, Acorn Water provide a legionella control programme in order to halt preventable outbreaks of legionella in large factories, office blocks etc. 

Complimentary to this Acorn are able to provide a cleaning and disinfection service for water storage tanks which should be regularly cleaned to prevent disinfection and fouling. Monthly visits to support the buildings/plants water utility are neccessary to ensure a strong control programme is adhered to.

As recommended by the Water Management Society, it is advisory to obtain a risk assessment as the first step to control and manage a legionnaires programme.

 For more information on our Legionella control programmes,please click here to send your query or give our sales team a call on 00 353 23 88 43466.

Alternatively, you can purchase a legionella test kit from our on-line shop and simply freepost(ROI only) it back to us.

Upon Request Acorn Water can also provide a copy of the Legionnaires Disease Management Regulation booklet which outlines the responsibilities of operators overlooking water utilities.

NOTE: These programmes are currently only available in Ireland and UK.